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1. - Describe the problem briefly in a couple of sentences.

2. - What would you call the problem that is most affecting you?

3. - What is your main experience when the problem is around? What impact has it had on your life? How has it affected you?

4. - What does this problem get you doing that you wouldn't usually do?

5. - What does it take away from you or prevent you from doing or being?

6. - What do you notice when this problem is around about yourself and about others and what does this mean to you?

7.- What has it usually been like for you when the problem hasn't been around? What have you been able to do? What have you thought about yourself as a person in the world when the problem hasn't been influencing your life?

8. - What ideas have you come across about how and why problems like this occur, where they come from and what they expect of people's lives?

9. - Are these ideas acceptable or not acceptable to you?

10. - Do these ideas support you and your thinking about what you want for yourself or do you think differently?

11. - What would you prefer for yourself and your life?

12. - How do you think this problem tries to prevent you from being or having what you prefer for yourself?

13. - Have there some times or situations or relationships in which the problem finds it harder to have any control over you?

14. - Why has this happened? What is there about you that you have managed to achieve this?

15. - What are some of your ideas, beliefs, attitudes and things that you have done before that have supported you when problems have come into your life?

16. - What are some of these ideas, beliefs, attitudes and things you have done that you might call on now in taking a stand against this problem?

17. - Who are some of the people through your life who might have noticed your knowledge and skills in being able to do this?

18. - What might they say about you now if they knew this problem was around and that you were standing up to it?

19. - If I met you, say, in five years time, what might you tell me about some of the ways in which you had been able to be free of this problem in your life?

20. - As you think about your own ideas and what you might do in becoming stronger, and as the influence of the problem becomes weaker, how does that get you thinking about yourself as a person?

21. - How does this way of thinking and acting support you in being who you prefer to be?

22. - You have given the problem a name. What name might you give to this other way of thinking and acting which supports you being stronger and the effects of the problem becoming weaker?

23. - Who is there who might believe in you and support you in thinking and acting in these ways in standing up to the effects of the problem?

24. - What do you know about your victories over problems that you might consider sharing with others who are having similar struggles?

25. - Are you interested in joining a support group, sharing experiences of overcoming the effects of problems like the ones you have described?

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