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What is Narrative Counselling?

What are the benefits?

How does it work and how do I get it?

Journeys Counselling Service uses Narrative Therapy or Narrative Counselling. Journeys works on the principles that:




Where does the name narrative counselling or narrative therapy come from?

The words counselling and therapy both mean the same.
The word narrative comes from the stories of our lives.
We all have a story bank of many stories of who we are and where we fit in the world.
These many stories in our story bank are based on the events and experiences which occur in our lives.
We choose to live according to the stories from the story bank which suit us in particular situations and at particular times.
Some of these stories of our lives are good for us and some are not useful at all.
The unuseful or problem filled stories can sometimes become overwhelming. Counselling can help us to make sense of these stories and to create new stories (or find old ones) which help us to be in charge of becoming who we prefer to be.

What is counselling or narrative therapy about? What do I get?

Narrative counselling or therapy is having conversations together about discovering ways of becoming free of the effects of the problem filled stories of who we are.

It is about recognising a problem and the effects it has on our lives.

It is talking in ways which help us to make space between ourselves and a problem so that we can think of ourselves as not being influenced by the problem, as separate and free from the problem.

It is about finding and using supportive and encouraging stories from our story bank which are about who we prefer to be.

It is about knowing that problems and problem stories occur in our lives but that we are not problems ourselves.

It is about finding stories of how we take a stand for ourselves against the influences of the problem stories.

It is about claiming the stories of victories over problems in our lives.

It is about finding ways of being in charge of our own lives.

It is about challenging many of the unuseful stories and beliefs which we have always taken for granted to be true and making sense of them the way we want to.

It is about being free of the stories which try to tell us what we should be or what others expect us to be.

It is about consulting people about what they believe to be the best for themselves and and helping them make sense of it and not about giving advice or telling people what they should be doing with their lives or how to get it right.

It is about knowing our own stories of how we have protested and survived and stood up against the influence of problems in our lives.

The belief in this type of counselling is that a person is the expert on their own knowledge of their own life, the ways in which they know how problems try to take over and how problems can be beaten. Success can only be measured by the client. It is not for a counsellor to judge. The counsellor is accountable to the client for the quality of the counselling.

The journey in these types of conversations is one which connects the past stories of the person with the here and now and the future. It also explores the history of the problems and their effects on a person's life and the ways in which people might be able to stand up to problems in the future.

Who can benefit from Narrative Counselling or Narrative Therapy?

Any child, adult, couple, family, group or organisation will benefit from having conversations about the stories of their lives and becoming free from the effects of problems in their lives.

What are the benefits of Narrative Counselling or Narrative Therapy?

  • discovering ways of being free from the effects of problems which enter our lives
  • help in standing up against problems in our lives through finding stories of empowerment, hope and freedom in our lives
  • a focus on what connects people rather than what separates or divides them
  • an acknowledgement of our strengths and achievements rather than our failures and weaknesses
  • insight into our own abilities as effects of problems become less and we become stronger
  • assistance in taking control of our lives back from problems
  • seeing ourselves as special people who can have a vision for ourselves rather than believing ourselves to be problems.

How does it work and how do I get it?

Counselling support services are available at a variety of levels and costs

Stage one - Basic information arising from a free downloadable self help questionnaire Cost: Free
Download free questionnaire now for personal, couple, family or small business counselling or men relationships.

Stage two - A simple secure E-mail response to the questionnaire Cost: $25.00 AUD Send your response now.

Stage three - A full online secure E-mail counselling session of one hour minimum Cost: $70.00 AUD Send your questionnaire response now and book an appointment.

Working with groups of people experiencing the effects of similar problems is also available at the cost of $25.00AUD per person per session of up to one and one half hours. If you would like to use the group service please return your free questionnaire which asks you for a brief description of the problem you are experiencing. You will be notified when there are sufficient people to begin a group. A free subscription is available to an email newsletter with stories of successful work clients have done in reclaiming their lives from the effects of problems.

Payment of fees

The fees are paid via a secure encrypted credit card system. Journeys never sees the credit card number as you authorise payment to be made by your financial institution to the Journeys bank account.

As this is a new internet service it is beginning with communication via email. It is anticipated that a dedicated secure chat line will also be available in the future for all services whilst retaining email for those who prefer it.

Services are also available for local people and organisations face to face at the offices of Journeys for $70.00 AUD for up to one and one half hours or $25.00 per person for groups. Tony is also able to travel to the workplace and to other parts of Tasmania and Australia with additional costs.

Free Newsletter to be available for download Spring 2001. (Australia)