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What is Journeys?

JOURNEYS Counselling Service is a is a young, growing small business organisation which was set up in 1995 by Tony Howe B.S.W., Grad Dip Social Science (Social Research), MAASW, a counsellor, in Hobart, the capital city of the State of Tasmania, Australia.

JOURNEYS Counselling Service works with the use of narrative ideas and believes that all people in the community, including children, young people, adults, families and people in organisations should have a right to knowledge and support in making decisions about their own wellbeing.

JOURNEYS Counselling Service seeks to help people overcome the effects of problems in their lives by:

  • providing opportunities for members of our community to discover more about who they are and what they prefer for themselves and to make decisions that support living this way
  • providing services committed to the value, specialness and rights of individuals, families, groups, organisations, communities and cultures
  • assisting people to stand up for justice and against injustices in their lives
  • providing community support and social research services aimed at building knowledge which will enhance wellbeing and social justice within our community
  • acknowledging our journeys of where we have been and what we have achieved as individuals and as communities as we create change in our lives.

What types of services are available?

Specialist counselling support services are available for:

Who provides the services?

Tony Howe is principal counsellor providing services for JOURNEYS. Other counsellors from The Narrative Centre in Hobart may contract their services as required on a casual contract basis. All are qualified counsellors with tertiary qualifications and training.

Who is Tony Howe and what is his experience?

TONY HOWE B.S.W., Grad Dip Social Science (Social Research), MAASW is married and has four children. He knows well from this that it is not easy to be in a relationship and to be a parent and that family life comes with many struggles. He believes that it is hard work being in a family and that we learn more about who we prefer to be as we go along.

Tony is a qualified and accredited Social Worker in Australia, a social researcher and trainer, who uses a narrative perspective in his work with people and organisations.

To be an accredited social worker in Australia a person must have an appropriate degree from a university and must annually complete the requirements of the Continuing Professional Education programme and must also be a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Tony has over 20 years of experience in the human services area, having worked in government, community and private services in the area of direct service provision with clients and in management of welfare organisations. His counselling work has been mostly with individuals, couples, families and groups in the areas of relationship and family counselling, young people and school issues, mental health and staff counselling and training in small business and organisations.

He has been involved in community development and mediation, and awareness raising about issues of social justice. He has also worked in the area of support for people with intellectual disabilities. He currently has a particular interest in working with issues of family violence and abuse and respectfulness in relationships and also in working with staff in small businesses. He is also currently contracted from time to time by the Tasmanian Government to facilitate Community Conferences between young offenders and their victims around restorative justice and Family Group Conferences for families who are supporting children where there are care and protection issues involved.

In 1995 Tony set up Journeys Counselling Service as a private service and is now based at the Narrative Centre in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, alongside five colleagues who also use narrative ideas in their counselling.

Tony has taught Narrative Counselling theory and practice with tertiary students and facilitates a range of training programs in narrative approaches in human service practice. He has also taught police recruits in the subject area of understanding social issues within the community.

Tony believes in the basic goodness in people and that everyone has their own stories of victories over problems and survival in their lives. He knows about many of the social pressures under which we live and believes it is possible for people to make deliberate choices to have respect and sensitivity towards each other.

He believes that




His work is about helping people become free from the beliefs in their lives that they have to give in to what other people, organisations, societies and cultures unrealistically expect or demand of them in trying to make them become who they think they should be. He attempts in his work to discover and acknowledge the skills, knowledge and values people have in overcoming the effects of problems and that they have the means within them to be who they want to or prefer to be.